Not Sure What Type of Paint to Use for Your Ceilings?

Choosing a quality ceiling tile paint when considering any residential painting project means knowing the requirements of your project by choosing a paint that best meets these needs. Main considerations are the kind and location of the tiles on the ceiling, the size of the ceiling you want to paint, budget, and the color preferences. If you are attempting to paint the tiles yourself, you should also strongly consider your skill rating as a painter.

The material of the tiles is an important consideration when selecting a ceiling tile paint due to the fact that not every paint works on every surface. Ceiling tiles are made from a range of different materials. A common one is pressed fibre, these tiles are large rectangular shapes that get hung using a grid and are white or off white. Others are made of plastic, metal or foam.

If you are painting the pressed fibre types, you’ll need a paint that won’t seep too much into the tile, this will just weaken it. However, if you are painting a smooth surface, like those from from plastic or tin, you’ll have to select a paint that is designed for these surfaces. If your tiles are pressed fibre but you want to paint the grid as well, you’ll have to look for a ceiling paint that works on both.

Color is another consideration in a paint choice. Some colors could be unavailable in the mixture you want, especially if you decide to use a commercial painting spray. Depending where the ceiling is, you may want to keep certain design theories in mind. For instance, painting the whole ceiling the same color can make ugly features like ductwork less noticeable. The same can be said for low ceilings done in a light color, they will give the appearance of the ceiling being higher.

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